Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nextwave #12

Nextwave #12 - Comic of the DayThanks to the magnificently memorable 12 issue run on Nextwave, Warren Ellis, Staurt Immonen and Dave McCaig will forever remain a few of my favorite creators in comics.

Nextwave #12 ends in a way only this special run could end: the destruction of a giant red Tyrannosaurus Rex named Devil Dinosaur...or so we think. What seemed like an impossible escape from a 2 mile drop followed by a mega-explosion may one day be a possibility if Ellis, McCaig and Immonen ever got the band back together. Their sweet visual sounds included a baby M.O.D.O.K. powered robot escaping death at the hands of Nextwave only to get it later at the hand of a dino and his giant bullet hurling pistol. Any time a comic book sports a baby M.O.D.O.K. you know you are in for some fun.

And fun is all you get from Nextwave #12 and the complete Nextwave run in general. Warren Ellis writes characters who are both ridiculous and lovable. His recap pages are a unique treasure prepare readers for the situation they have gotten themselves into. The intro is a Q. and A. where Ellis explains what past issues may have offered, but also jokes around with the interviewer. In the comic of the day, Nextwave #12, Ellis rants about the comic being the last in the line of Nextwave issues. He has the questionnaire backpedaling and eventually regretting the loss of Nextwave, too.

While Ellis may be the front man,  Staurt Immonen and Dave McCaig are definitely the musicians that make the story and lyrics work. Immonen's clean simplistic style creates beautifully ugly characters, such as The Captain, and adorable evil children such as baby M.O.D.O.K.. With Dave McCaig on 1, 2, 3 fill in the spaces coloring duty their combo's are always bright and distinctive setting the tone for a zany roller-coaster adventure which you would totally put your hands up for except for the fact that the book's pages would keep flipping over. Damn you Nextwave-hating gravity!

It would make my life if the trio of creators got back together and road the wave for another thrilling 12 plus issues. Nextwave truly is a unique experience where the reader doesn't have to worry about back-stories or continuity. Just pick-up a Nextwave issue and enjoy.

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