Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nemesis #2

Nemesis #2 - Comic of the DayWizard Magazine usually has a section near the back of their comic and pop-culture publication which lists the top 10 current writers and artists currently releasing new comic book work. Occasionally I would look at it and not understand why my favorite artists and writers weren't always on the top of the lists, but after reading Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Nemesis #2, I now understand that sometimes even the greatest of creators can have an off project or issue. If I had lists...they may move down a bit this month.

Nemesis #2 just didn't do it for me. The story seems to move a bit too quickly. I feel like I am not invested in the characters yet. For example, Nemesis has a lead villain and seemingly lead good guy authority figure which has inadvertently put the man who would be Nemesis down his evil path of revenge. Of the two characters, I do not know who I am supposed to root for. I think I would rather the authority have control just because I do not like the cockiness of Nemesis. A man in an all white suit is always too confident (the Architect in the Matrix and Tony from Scarface) for his own good. I just don't know enough about the characters to care who comes out on top. Millar is forcing me to choose and it's making me uncomfortable.

Speaking of uncomfortable...come on McNiven! You are making me look bad in front of all of my friends I boost to about your art. There are too many old saggy faces in Nemesis #2 and not enough unique looking characters to show off McNiven's talent. I think this book isn't a very good fit for McNiven because his strengths seem to by stylish superhero looks. His work on Civil War and Old Man Logan (both books: written by Millar)were at their peak when he was penciling panels with superheroes dressed for success...that means in costume. All Nemesis has is and all white and smooth costumed guy with guns. There needs to be more laser arms, knife hands, rocket legs and people made out of gravel for McNiven to shine.

In the end, the comic of the day, Nemesis #2 is not something I am impressed with. Admittedly, Millar and McNiven's scale for success is out of whack due to their past work being off the charts, but in an industry of "ok, what's next?" I need to see a little more out of this dynamic duo.

(Note: I will be starting Top 5 lists on the side bar of 365 Day of Comics soon. One Top 5 for artists, one for writers, and one for ongoing titles.)

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