Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Comic of the Day Recap

The month of May featured some new titles, some old reliable comics and a bunch of Warren Ellis. Some of the newer titles were compliments of comic book borrowing. The great thing about every comic getting it's own trade paper back or hardcover is that they are easy to loan out. I essentially grabbed a stack from a friend and was set for a couple of weeks. The collections are also great ways to fully engross one's self into a new book. Understanding what the comic is about and if it is something worth picking up in the future is just another reason for picking up a trade early on in a series' run, as well.

My May highlights included:
It seems I have a lot of comics of the day which I am proud of this month. I tried to narrow the list but they are like babies...I always feel a little guilty trashing and disregarding them...just a little.

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