Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marvel Age #65

Marvel Age #65 - Comic of the DayHaving a few issues of Marvel Age you would think I knew what the comic was about. Well, for the first time ever, I opened an issue of Marvel Age and discovered that it isn't a normal comic book. Marvel Age was a miscellaneous comic which provided several monthly features.
  • The next month's worth of titles to be shipped (released) are noted. The title, number, price, short description of the comic and the creative team are presented to the reader. Before the internet I can understand why a book like this would be important for avid comic book readers.
  • A "News Watch" section. This is just a brief information page on Marvel staffing news. Who's editing what? Who is taking over what book? The news section also provides a list of the top ten purchased comic books during a specific period of time. Apparently, in January of 1988, the first appearance of Venom (Amazing Spider-Man #300 was only the 3rd highest selling comic.
  • There is a "Marvel Trivia" multiple choice questionnaire which has answers posted later in the issue.
  • There are sections filled with stories by classic writers and creators such as Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.
  • A cartoon style comic strip. In Marvel Age #65 it happens to be a strip featuring Dr. Doom.
  • Spotlight sections feature a specific event or trade which Marvel is pushing. A couple pages are written about a Hercules graphic novel which is being released soon (soon in 1988 anyway).
  • Interviews with current Marvel writers/artists.
  • A section that looks back to previous years and what the state of Marvel was then.
The Marvel Age comic book seems like a fun idea, but obviously something that seemed more interesting and even useful back before the age of the internet. Marvel Age #65, the comic of the day, reminds me of a time when comic books and life was simpler. Maybe a little more boring. But simpler.

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Timbotron said...

Marvel Age was a dangerous, dangerous thing for a young kid discovering comics. I got hooked by two comics, Uncanny X-Men #205 and Marvel Age featuring X-Factor!