Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Justice League International #60

Justice League International #60 - Comic of the DayAt times in the DC universe it seems like any character has the ability to go back or forward in time. In Justice League International #60 Green Lantern Guy Gardner takes the Justice League International group back in time to stop a villain who has gone back in time to stop Hal Jordan from ever becoming a Green Lantern.

In the correct time-line, when Hal Jordan's ship crashes in the desert he receives the Green Lantern ring from a dieing Lantern member. In the altered time-line the ring doesn't find the Hal Jordan whom doesn't crash, but rather, the ring finds the next best recruit, Guy Gardner. Gardner, in the altered universe looks pretty much just like Hal Jordan except his hair is red. Gardner also acts more honorably and heroic than he does in the altered universe because he knew that he alone was the protector of the sector, and that brought great responsibility. Gardner had to be a honorable man.

The story is pretty fun, as mindless as it is. At the end of the book, once everything is back to normal (thanks to the alternate universe Gardner who does what's right and sacrifices his very happy life to set things straight) Guy Gardner drops by to say "hi", and give Hal Jordan a hard time. Rather than retorting Gardner's jabs at him Jordan just shakes his hand and thanks him for "being the greatest hero of all." Gardner is shocked, which is quite funny. To shut Gardner up with kindness is a joy only readers who appreciate Guy can enjoy.

In this comic of the day, Guy Gardner is one exceptional guy.

(Note: What a lame ending...using his name in a different way to say how great Gardner was in a comic book. Bad jokes may make bad endings, but in this case, I wrote this little extra note about it which helped me save face...a little.)

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