Tuesday, June 1, 2010

John Romita Jr. Avengers #1 Gatefold

Avengers 1 Gatefold - Comic of the Day

Was that a long enough title for you?

I wasn't sure exactly what to call the comic of the day. The promotional Marvel handout is a foldout mini poster which displays variant covers of the recent Avengers #1. The covers are all done by John Romita Jr. and all have the Avengers "A" in the background. Honestly...it's just alright. It is a cool little piece of Marvel which could be hung in the work-place work-space, but I haven't been a huge fan of John Romita Jr. lately.

J.R. Jr. has done some amazing things in the past such as his pencils on Daredevil with Ann Nocenti, but recently his stuff has been everywhere. He is on the Avengers books, he is doing Doomwar and I'm sure he is doing variant covers for some other book, too. I'm a little burnt out on him for the time being. I understand why he is the go to man for Marvel...the man can get his work done on time. Unfortunately, he has become the Deadpool of the Marvel artist. He's everywhere, and I'm getting tired of it.

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