Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Green Goblin #1

Green Goblin #1 - Comic of the Day"What haven't we done with the Green Goblin?"

I imagine this is what Marvel was thinking when the started the Green Goblin title in the 90's.
  • They had done the original Green Goblin, Norman Osborn.
  • Marvel then came up with the Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds, a person who stumbled upon some old Goblin goodies).
  • Next, Harry Osborn, Norman's son, picked up the family business in the form of crazy, green formula, and goblin mask.
  • During the Infinity War story lines doppelgangers of many Marvel characters came to be, and one of them was Demogoblin, an extremely evil goblin creation.
  • After, and in between some of the above Goblins, there have been many other incarnations and variations on the original Green Goblin.
Finally, Marvel must have thought the next logical evolution of the Goblin was a good Green Goblin. It just so happened that in the past the only people stumbling upon Harry Osborn's old Green Goblin stashes around New York city were bad guys and guys down on their luck. With the emergence of the comic of the day, Green Goblin #1 we finally read about a good guy who just happens to be in a bad situation.

So tell me Green Goblin series...what good can a good kid do in a Green Goblin suit?

Actually, scratch that. I don't really want to go find the next issue in some bargain bin. Have you flipped through one of those bins? I think shops should start to put hand sanitizer dispensers by those things.

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Derek said...

I know I haven’t checked out this blog nearly as often as I should. It’s hard to keep up with. However when I took a look at it last night I randomly landed oat this one. I agree bargain bins can be pretty ghetto. Not to mention have books cheep for a reason. Good job with the blog.