Friday, June 11, 2010

Daredevil #507

Daredevil #507 - Comic of the DayBeing a fan of Daredevil is like being a fan of oranges. Who doesn't like oranges?

Nazis. That's who.

Daredevil is such an interesting character these days because his world is flipped around from his standard hero of the streets role. He currently leads the deadly assassin clan of Hand ninjas. Are there any other type of ninjas? Well, besides the peaches picking clan... If you are move'n to the country and plan on eating a lot of peaches...

"Look out!"

Daredevil #507 concludes a trip to Japan in which Matt Murdock (Daredevil, duh) tries to bring the other heads of the Hand organization together to achieve a cohesive peace. Of course, there is always one guy who is dissenting against Murdock. And why? No, not because the leader of their ancient organization is a blind guy who used to kill Hand ninjas every day of the week, but because he is white. Well, not Japanese. Close enough.

The hate for the Devil is shown through an assassination attempt on Daredevil's life by a group of ninjas not under Murdock's control. The pencils for the winter wonderland in which the Devil fights off the ninjas is presented quite beautifully by Marco Checchetto while the colors are rendered perfectly for Checchetto's style by Matt Hollingsworth (lots of rich red in a mostly white setting - the contrast makes for some lovely panels).

The cover by Paolo Rivera is also quite a treat on the comic of the day. The coloring feels out of this area which is refreshing to see compared to the other comic covers on the racks this week which are more modern (such as Marko Djurdjevic's Captain America #606). My favorite part about the cover are all the little ninja stars stuck in Daredevil's clubs, as if he had just blocked a shit load. Sure a couple got through his stick-waving, but the ones that didn't look the most fun. Ninja stars are usually more fun when they don't actually stick into a person's body.


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