Monday, June 14, 2010

Batman Annual #17

Batman Annual #17 - Comic of the DayIn Batman Annual #17 the replacement Batman (Batman had his back broken by Bane), Azreal, confronts a monster cutting through DC at the time (early 90's) in this comic of the day, "Bloodlines" crossover.

This Batman tale takes place soon after Bruce Wayne's back is broken. While the blond Batman meets up with Commissioner Gordon he tries to speak in Bruce's gruffy voice and be reassuring to Gordon when asked if he has a plan to find the monster and stop it. Secretly, Azreal doubts himself and feels the pressure of living up to the high expectations everyone has for the Bat. Did I mention he was blond?

A couple things to take note of in Batman Annual #17.
  1. When the new blond bat takes off his cowl at one point, he immediately puts on some hipster sunglasses. Why would a person want to put something back on their face after wearing that tight mask all night? Plus, did he carry thus sweet shades in his utility belt? "Hmm...smoke pellets or Lennon glasses?"
  2. The monster shifts into the form of a woman. What are the odds that on the inside, yet another woman is a monster? The song came true. "Watch out here she comes. Look out boys, she'll chew you up! Ohhh, here she comes. She's a man eater!"


Timbotron said...

There were actually a ton of these parasite monsters running around giving people powers, so there were men and women involved.

Check out Jeph Loeb's Loose Cannon creation, where he started experimenting with the whole different colored Hulks thing about 10 years early.

Anonymous said...

SOOoOOO much female hate! Everyman loves to be taken advantage of by a woman. Just listen to Billy Joel's "She's always a Woman". You'll understand.