Sunday, June 13, 2010

Avengers #326

Avengers #326 - Comic of the DayThe first appearance of Rage, the angry superhero with super-strength and invulnerability, raises the issue of racism within the halls of the Avengers, but more importantly, Avengers #326 highlights the prime perk of being an Avenger: sweet Avenger head gear.

The comic of the day begins with Thor, Cap, She-Hulk and others putting some construction time into their new Avengers' headquarters in New York. Cap and She-Hulk are wearing the coolest construction hard hats ever. The hats are yellow-orange and display an Avengers "A" on the front. I'm no expert on Avengers titles, but I believe I may have the first appearance of the Avengers construction hats. They're first appearance is equivalent to that of the Spider-Buggie or Black Tom Cassidy's staff.

What the hell does Cap and She-Hulk need a construction helmet for? They go into battles where they are being shot at, heavy objects thrown at them, and punches rained down on them like Chris Brown attacking Rihanna without her umbrella, ella, ella, hey, hey, hey...all the time! Plus, Cap is essentially wearing two hats. The mask goes over his whole head like a hat, and now he throws on another layer? Oh Captain, my Captain...

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