Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wolverine: Weapon X #13

Jason Aaron and Ron Garney get me. What I have been receiving regularly now for the past few months is a fun story, the coolest characters, amazing art and funny bits of dialog wrapped up into the Wolverine: Weapon X comic books.

Wolverine Wednesdays -  Wolverine: Weapon X #13

In Wolverine: Weapon X #13 we pick up Wolverine and Captain America's (the Bucky one...when am I going to be able to stop identifying which Cap I am talking about?) fighting off a few Deathlok cyborgs..from the futuurreee (insert creepy ripply voice)! When some nearby superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Thing, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman and Steve Rogers drop into the fighting mix, the Deathlok units are over powered causing them to retreat.

The story takes a Terminator 2: Judgment Day twist when Cap-B (that's my new way of identifying Cap Bucky) and Wolverine-A (I won't do that again) go to the man's house who is going to one day invent the new evil Deathloks. Cap-B and Wolverine are inclined to just kill the guy but a previously decapitated Deathlok do the job for them making for an appearance by a different type of futuristic Deathlok that is now on the prowl.

Did that work? Comparing a half man half machine to a cat..."on the prowl?" Cliche stupidity.

The art work by Ron Garney is again, pitch perfect for these characters. Deathlok has never looked cooler. Just wait till you hit that last page where the reveal of the new and improved Deathlok hits your eye-balls. My eyes burn so good after this image. The one downfall in Garney's art comes on a couple of pages where you may notice Spider-Man's head is drawn funny in this comic of the day. It looks like he is a mini cone-head.

Speaking of Garney, I wonder if he ever goes to Ireland and uses pick up lines using his last name. "Hey ladies, wanna bend over and kiss the Garney stone?"

One last thing before you finish this post and close Wolverine: Weapon X #13, go back and discover one of the greatest dieing lines ever:

"Take care of my possums."

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