Monday, May 24, 2010

Reed Gunther #3

In the third installment of the Houghton brothers' (Chris and Shane) Reed Gunther comics, we catch up with Reed and his bear buddy Sterling as they attempt to catch up with the monster caging, idol swiping, bad guy. Besides the plot of chasing down the bad guys, Reed Gunther #3 highlights Reed's and Sterling's close relationship. Hardly ever apart, the two pals get separated for a period of time in Reed Gunther #3 and start to feel their gravities pulling each other back together again. By gravity I of course mean Sir. Isaac Newton's law of gravity: when one is far from their bear, it is only a matter of time, before that near. It's something like that...I dropped out of middle school.

Reading Reed Gunther again after all of these months makes me remember a couple of great things about this book.
  1. I like the black and white. Color is constantly getting in the way. Now I know what you're thinking...Dom's a racist. Well excuse me! I just think a cowboy and bear should remain the way god intended them: as albinos.
  2. Is this comic of the day long! Indie books mean no ads. That also means no money for the Houghton gang, but the readers will appreciate these two soon to be homeless brothers for the novel-like comic.
  3. When the rights to the Reed Gunther movie are sold I am thinking Nathan Fillion would be perfect for Reed. He has the mix of goofiness, charm, ruggedness and courage which make up the black and white cowboy. The only hitch would be the stache. The make-up people could glue something to his face and make it work. Oh, and for Sterling...Hurley from "Lost."

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Shane Houghton said...

Wowee! Thanks for the writeup Dom!

Every once in a while, someone will pitch their suggestion for who should play Reed Gunther in a movie, and I gotta tell ya, I think YOU nailed it! Nathan Fillion has got the looks, the attitude, and he LOVES bears.

No ads means less money but WAY more awesomeness per issue! It's not about the money, it's about having a fun story with goofy pictures! How can you not pick up a 32 page comic (plus 10 pages of extra goodies) for only 3 bucks?!

Hopefully you won't be too disappointed if we ever do print Reed in color though! The kiddies don't always go for the b&w. They're not sophisticated adults like yourself!

365 Days is quite the project and I am a fan! Thanks again and keep reading!