Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planetary #2

Coming off of Nextwave, Warren Ellis's other off-beat team dealing with odd things book, I easily warmed up to Planetary by just the second issue, thus making Planetary #2 the comic of the day. Warren Ellis has created, with the help of artist John Cassaday and colorist Laura Martin, a world which is littered with historical objects and moments the public doesn't quite know about.

Tracking down these artifacts and locations of intrigue is a band of three abnormally powered individuals. Recruited as the new guy which discovers the world of Planetary along with readers is Elijah Snow. Yes, his power is cold related. How'd you guess? The Planetary organization veteran is played by Jakita Wagner: a super fast, strong and practically invulnerable leading lady. She leads the trio in both physical attributes and experience. Oh, and of course The Drummer...because every band needs a drummer. He has natural abilities to disrupt and understand near-by communications and streaming information. Basically, he can see what you just texted to your friends. The three form the privately, and unknown, funded Planetary: the "Archaeologists of the Impossible."

In Planetary #2 Ellis takes readers and Planetary to the northern most island off the coast of Japan called Island Zero. Island Zero...hmmm. Have you ever seen an old Godzilla movie and wondered "where the heck did someone came up with this stuff?" Welcome to Planetary #2. The island of misplaced monstrous wonders cradles two old foes while they lay to waste after many years and films of battle. Seeing the destruction of once noble creatures  brings back memories of Radio Flyer when another Elijah finds his beloved beast beaten down.

Speaking of Radio Flyer...is that not one of the saddest scenes in cinema? I liked Adam Baldwin in "Firefly", but as "the King" in Radio Flyer he is possibly the most evil man ever. Also, what's up with Adam Baldwin in all of these "fly" productions? Okay. Those are the only two. Yet, there is a lot of flying in Independence Day.

General Gray: "Is that glass bulletproof?"

Adam Baldwin: "No, Sir!"

Dead alien.

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