Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nextwave #9

My posts are not intended to be reviews or even book suggestions (unless I specifically urge readers to read a specific book), but often times they inadvertently come off as that. If many of my posts appear as recommended reading I hope people are catching on to the fact that Warren Ellis is an amazing writer.

To be honest, I got into Ellis's work pretty late in his career. Fortunately for me, he is consistently putting out new stuff for me to fill-up on. Basically, Ellis keeps adding to his work for me to sort through on my own time. I'm sorry Warren. Your job may be to write, but mine is not to read. Yet with a writer like you doing great things in dialog, narrative and story, I wish it was. (Yes. I was talking directly to Ellis just then. We're tight.)

Though at the moment I am getting more and more into Planetary, my favorite Ellis original title is Marvel's Nextwave. I've written several posts on Nextwave, and I am sure to write several more, but you can tell I like the book when I have now written a post about 25% of all Nextwave existing issues. It mixes humor and superheroes in a way that hasn't quite been done before. I like humor. I like superheroes. I love Nextwave.

Nextwave #9 carries on the style of 2 issue story archs by kicking off a tale that pits the Nextwave team, former agents of H.A.T.E., against a bunch of powered people the world has never heard of. The random characters have back stories that link them closely to other famous Avengers: a super-soldier created from Captain America's pee after he was created in 1941, a scientist who was doing stuff with human size while Hank Pym was but spent time double checking his research as apposed to just testing it on himself and others, a kind of angry guy who got high on gamma radiation, and a dude with a bucket like helmet reminiscent of Iron Man. The off-beat super characters tell their stories to the reader in quick "I coulda been a contenda" segments that cut into the Nextwave story nicely.

Let me make this clear. I recommend you read Nextwave, and more specifically, Nextwave #9. This comic of the day mocks the idea behind becoming a superhero and how it takes a bit of chance and style to become a famous hero. The book is just fun, as usual.

Oh and me. We'll do lunch.

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