Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mighty Avengers #36

Coming back to the Mighty Avengers after not reading for about 10 issues reminded me why I stopped picking up the book. Mighty Avengers #36 is not a bad comic book by any means, however, I find that I just don't care about the characters in it. Mighty Avengers started out as a relevant comic title when Tony Stark/Iron Man was putting the Avengers team together, but now it involves characters that haven't been too relevant to the overarching Marvel storyline.

Hank Pym headlines the title. But like Ant Man, I feel Pym is too small a Marvel hero to by the marque name that Marvel needs to entice readers to continue. I have heard discussions over if anyone cares about Hank Pym, not just in Mighty Avengers, but in any comic book. Is it that heroes that are based on size are just not very exciting anymore? Just being small or large isn't amazing enough to readers these days. Plus, we already have intelligent heroes such as Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark. The time for Pym is passing.

In the end, the comic of the day is the final issue in the Mighty Avengers series, so I will gladly collect it and read it to see if the writers  leave any bit of hanging story or information at the end that could lead into something cool. The book is basically filled with yet another Ultron undoing. Ultron is constantly being undone by his father/creator Pym, but at least this time Ultron weds Pym's female robot creation.

Ultron is thinking to himself (translated from 1's and 0's) Ha! That'll show you Pym! I hope you think about how the sparks will be flying during the friction on the wedding night. I'm gonna grind the hell out of your fem-bot and polish her parts.

Ultron is a vulgar robot.

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