Thursday, May 6, 2010

iZombie #1

So, you are getting a little bored with The Walking Dead. You need your zombie fix but you don't want to get too serious. Just a fling. Walking was becoming so dramatic every week that you realized you need a break...some time apart...time to think things over. Well, you're in luck! The perfect light-hearted and independent zombie comic book came out, just for you.

iZombie #1 paints Eugene, Oregon as a place populated by vampires, weredogs, ghosts, and of course zombies. The story's heroine, or lead I should say, is a zombie named Gwen who needs to eat one human brain a month to keep her 28 Days Later-style inner zombie at bay. Ghosts and zombies alone don't make an ongoing title, but add to the mix that when a brain is consumed Gwen then gets all X-Men Rogue on the brain donor and sees their memories. Wouldn't luck have it that her current meal is from a murdered body, and like most murdered minds all they can think about is vengeance.

Writer Chris Roberson uses some clever bits of dialog and even some nice use of female narration for his lead, Gwen. When Gwen points out that guys always latch on to an interest a gal may have and then beat it to death by always zeroing in on it, I I do that? I'm sure I do. In many ways I feel like the comic book is trying to say at a core level, guys are basically zombies when it comes to women.

The art of Michael Allred keeps iZombie #1's tone to an appropriate "we are just having a bit of fun here" level. The character designs are clean, not overly detailed or sketchy looking. The star of the story is the casual "real-life as a zombie" idea. Allred does a good job to display the characters in this world without distracting the reader from the upbeat pace of the book. I think the art is also a good fit with the story because it is an older style art design. It kind of throws the reader back to when zombie movies were a bit campy, but fun.

Like Joe the Barbarian from Vertigo (a division of DC), iZombie #1 was only $1. The marketing idea is sound: get readers to give it a shot because it is only a buck. It has worked on me several times now. And hell, I even make the books the comic of the day. Like so.

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Eating brains, hmmm. Sounds like something I could get behind.