Saturday, May 1, 2010

Iron Man #120 (Vol.1)

Today is Free Comic Book Day!

Initially the day was a day which publishers created a free comic book to hand out to their loyal fans who have supported them. Also, the day was a marketing idea designed to potentially get children into comics. The comic industry is much like the cigarette industry in that it must constantly try to get a young demographic interested in their product to become addicts.

Now Free Comic Book day has become a day of comic book celebration. Stores get writers and artists to come out to their shops and sign and sketch for comic fans, children, and anyone else just looking for pleasant experience. The shops will have costumed entertainers come out for fun photo opportunities and even face painters for the kids. I saw a couple kids yesterday with half of their faces' painted like Venom: a couple of symbiot tikes.  They were awesome!

The Comic Bug, my local shop, also had a raffle where they handed out prices such as gift cards, posters and books. By rsvp'ing to their event page on Facebook I was automatically entered into their drawing. Not knowing when the drawing was I casually showed up to the shop at about 4pm, an hour before the event started winding down. Five minutes later the raffle had begun, and wouldn't you know it...yours truly won a $50 gift card to the Comic Bug! I was so lucky. If I wasn't there to claim the prize they would have raffled it to another person.

Since there was 25% off everything in the store, I decided to use my gift card right away. I got about $70 of free trade paper backs and hard cover collections: one of which was the Iron Man classic Demon in a Bottle HC.

The first issue in the arch by David Michelinie, Bob Layton, John Romita Jr. (who does everything, I am finding out) and Carmine Infantino is Iron Man #120 (Vol.1). Tony Stark is several martinis deep on a plane when it is sent landward by a tank which has been thrown at it. Most plane crashes occure via flying tanks so this part of the story was pretty predictable. A tipsy Stark saves the day by donning his red and gold, but runs into an angered Sub-Mariner and hilarity ensues! Okay, they don't start spitting jokes, rather, they start throwing rocks and punches. Namor (the Sub-Mariner - whose name I have been recently taught how to say correctly by a man with 3 names...none of which I like) does the rock slinging while Iron Man throws the punches. Who throws rocks these days? Plus, Namor conveniently had a pile of boulders just sitting near him? Atlantians (Atlantis in origin, not Hot-lanta)...what 'cha gonna do?

This issue has it all when it comes to goofy Iron Man-ness. We see the Iron Man suit in a small suit-case, the Iron Man suit being crazy flexible (apparently made from the body of the T-1000) and we see how the Iron Man suit can hold Tony Stark underwater simply by covering his mouth and eye holes with little panels. The suit is air tight, I guess. You would think that Stark would have some kind of skin disease by now due to lack of oxygen from being in the otherwise air tight suit all of the time.

Iron Man #120 is the comic of the day on this Free Comic Book day because it was just that, free. As this Free Comic Book day comes to a close find that someone special in your life an tell them to give you a moment. Go over to your comic collection, take a long look, and say "thank you."

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