Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Heroic Age: Marvel Previews #79

Marko Djurdjevic has been busy.

In the upcoming year for Marvel comics there are many new titles, old titles and new old titles which are taking Marvel into their "Heroic Age." Avengers, New Avengers and Avengers Academy are among some titles starting up with their first issue in the upcoming months. While there are different artists on the various titles it seems each new book has a couple of variant covers with at least one drawn by Marko Djurdjevic.

The Heroic Age: Marvel Previews #79, the free handout which is my comic of the day, displays the covers of many upcoming Djurdjevic variants. They are some of the best covers in the free give-away book. Many of the variant covers of Djurdjevic's connect together to make a large 10ft poster, as well. You can order the poster seperately for about $35. I'm down. Now I just have to find a wall large enough to lay the poster flat on.

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