Monday, May 31, 2010

Haunt #5

Haunt 5 - Comic of the DayI've finished the first tale in the Haunt ongoing and I can't help but thinking one thing: why doesn't the costume goo cover the lower half of his face?

Getting back to the costume in a bit, though I know it will be the only thing you think about as I continue on (it's like when you are reading a novel and finish a whole page but then realize you had been thinking of something else the whole time and have no idea what you just read)...wait, what was this sentence about again? Scanning...ah yes! The actual issue, Haunt #5, ends in a way a new ongoing's first story has to. The hero saves the day, but not quite, thus, allowing for future reoccurring villains and connective plots. Sure there are a couple of "didn't see that coming moments" but all in all a standard wrap up.

I think I like Haunt. Mainly the creative team of Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley, the writer and artist behind Invincible, bring characters alive (even the dead ones) through bloody violence and emotional outburst like few teams can (Kirkman and original Invincible artist Cory Walker were great at the same thing, as well). Some of the characters are caricatures, but they work in a book like Haunt which is filled with super secret special agents and super secret smart (the characters are kept's no secret that they are smart...ah never mind) villains.

Reading through the grape vine, which means Wikipedia these days, I discovered that the amazing Kurt Vonnegut was recognized by Kirkman in several ways. I'm tired so I've just linked the above Wikipedia word with Haunt's wiki page. The comic of the day was...oh wait! So what is up with not covering the face? If the character is going to be Spider-Man mixed with Spawn then they should really give him the bottom half of his face make-up...that or have him grow a beard.

I like the beard idea.

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kyle said...

Haunt is amazing. Great review, Dom.