Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haunt #1

Comics can be like movies. Often their are trailers for movies that will interest one to the point of wanting to see it, but not necessarily wanting to pay to see it. Waiting for the movie to come out online to Netflix (it's become a verb) or borrow from a friend becomes the acceptable option. Recent movies which have fallen under this category for me have been 2012, Surrogates and the Twilight movies...don't judge me!

In terms of comic books, Haunt by Todd McFarlane was a book which hit stores a while ago that interested me. I wanted to check out McFarlane's art and what exactly his new hyped character (which has a slight resemblance to a mix of Spawn and Spider-Man) was all about. So who would be my Netflix? Who would be my sucker friend who shelled out the cash for this Todd title? It turns out my good buddy had the same curiosity I had, but ended up purchasing the trade paper back addition of the first arch. The wouldn't buy the individuals, but gave the slightly better value trade a chance. And thus, so now am I thanks to the free non-Netflix service called borrowing.

Writer Robert Kirkman begins the tale of two brothers, a murdered soldier and an angry priest, who bound together in a moment of confusion. The title Haunt, from what I can make out so far, refers to the idea that the dead brother "haunts" his living priest brother after he is killed. The dead brother simply guides his living bro to watch over his wife (I can already tell the widow and brother are going to hook-up...get some!), but when he attempts to physically move his brother from harms way the combine to make a bullet resistant Venom-like character: minds combined and bodies linked.

The story itself is so so so far. I think it's a start and I actually like it, but mainly I just wanted to type the word "so" three times in a row and have it actually be correct. Maybe when I finish the trade another issue within it will become a comic of the day, but as for now Haunt #1 will do.

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