Monday, May 10, 2010

Fables #65

This was seriously hard. Trying to pick out the best Fables cover is like trying to find the best note in "Clair de lune." As Claude Debussy's notes form together to make a masterpiece, so to do James Jean's Fables covers. Not one can stand out as the best cover because they are all classics.

I ended up choosing Fables #65 for a couple of reasons. First of all it is part of the "Good Prince" story line, which has a set of covers featuring both animals, the armor clad frog prince and a red plume which stalks my vision were ever it may be fall. The other reason I picked Fables #65 as the comic of the day is that it features Khan the tiger. Tigers are, of course, awesome but they are also dear to someone dear to me.

The dreary tones in this imagery are perfectly contrasted by the dark oranges in the tiger, Khan, and in the circles which encase the comic title's letters. Plus, the ever present plume marking our set hero is present drawing the eyes to attention before our carried knight. In the comic the Frog Prince is being carried because the weight of his armor is too much for him to bear for too long. His companions carry him at length during his journey to destiny.

The Fables covers are what painter/illustrator/all around creative individual James Jean is best known for. Though that is the case now, he is striving to one day be known for his true passion painting. In a Q & A which I attended of Jean's, I asked him if he felt the way about Fables in the same way Alan Moore feels about Watchmen. Watchmen was amazing and ground breaking, but Moore always wanted to be known for what wrote next. Being forever pegged based on one work did not suit him at all. It turns out to James Jean has similar feelings. Though he said he never regrets Fables and is very proud of his time on the covers, he would like to be known for his content original paintings in the future. He has a lot of art ahead of him and whats people to know him for what's next. I think that is what any great creative mind strives for: their work becoming so filled with passion and beauty that the anticipation of what is next drives your fans to hold your future work as their favorite pieces.

But for now...look at that tiger and tell me it's not sick.

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