Friday, May 14, 2010

Dark Avengers #13

It was a short, but good run. Dark Avengers was built to be the new Avengers team with an edge, due of course to their team of ex-cons and crazy people, but I always saw it as an extension of writer Warren Ellis and artist Mike Deodato's Thunderbolts archs. There were some major additions to the team such as Ares, Sentry and Daken. Yet a couple of regulars, including the team leader Norman Osborn and team trouble starter Bullseye, still remain key members to the team.

Unlike Thunderbolts, Dark Avengers dealt with some of the heavy hitters which would shape Marvel's current path quite dramatically. Sentry, for example turned out to be the single most important charcter in Marvel events over the past month. Dark Avengers delved into his true origins and what keeps the Sentry from becoming a crazed lobster type evil. Ummm, so I hope you've been reading Siege because that last part may make no sense at all.

Speaking of Siege, Dark Avengers #13 deals with the clean-up and wipe out of the Dark Avenger team. The remaining members who are still alive are brought into answer for their crimes against the United States and the world. Well, that's not exactly true. One mo-hawked son of a mutant is able to creep away leaving his solo series the possibility of issues outside of a prison. The prison is reserved for the leader of the pack (vroom vroom) Norman Osborn. He believes what he did was all for the good of the country and mankind. Not only is Osborn trying to convince Iron Man, Cap, Nick Fury and everyone else, but he is also trying to convince himself. And by himself I mean the idea of the Green Goblin still in his wacked-out mind.

Dark Avengers ended as a consistent top monthly seller. It had well toned art, wonderful writing by Brian M. Bendis and great use of edgy Marvel characters. This last Dark Avengers comic of the day will be the marking point of Norman Osborn's end to any type of power. Unless, of course, if you count his power over horrible hair styles. He's been in control of that for years.

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