Friday, May 28, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #632

The Amazing Spider-Man #632 starts off as another visual festival thanks to the pencil work, and some inking, of Chris Bachalo. His Spider-Man styling is by far the best in the business. The ways he positions Spidey is at times comical and other times very spider-like, a style partly made famous by Todd McFarlane. The use of Spider-Man's eyes on his mask is nothing short of genius. The mask will be covered with white eye representations when Peter is astonished or stunned giving emotion to in inanimate face. Just think what Bachalo would do to Iron Man's face. At least with Spidey's mask it is made of cloth and has room to move and crumple (which Bachalo also does so well), but with Iron Man's mask there is no ability for scrunching or movement. The inkers and colorist could try to give the metal depth but Bachalo, well dang, I would love to see what he could do.

Getting back to The Amazing Spider-Man #632, Bachalo fills the first 15 pages of the book with panel after panel of wonderful entertainment. Bachalo even redesigns the Lizard, whom had already redesigned in the previous two issues of Amazing Spider-Man. He adds a bit of what looks like hair to the top of the Lizard's dome which doesn't look too weird until you get past page 15.

Just like last issue, Bachalo does not do all of the art. The filler artists (probably because Bachalo couldn't complete the issue in time) has a plain style in comparison to Bachalo's. It almost has an anime feel to it which really harms the story telling aspect of the book. I felt like I started reading a different story all together. Plus, as I was getting at in the previous paraghraph, the design of the Lizard by the filler artist is very hard to look at. The hair was questionable when done by the masterful Chris Bachalo, but done by an average artist (when I say average I mean still a fine artist but not on the level of a Bachalo) the Lizard looks hokey and dumb.

I hope The Amazing Spider-Man #633, the conclusion of the "Shed" story, is done completely by Bachalo. I believe there are a couple weeks in between it's release date, so hopefully Bachalo has the time to complete his work. The story has been very compelling, but the art flip flopping has been distracting.

(Note: I just bought a webcam and I have been recording stupid stuff for a few days now...the following is a video of me typing this blog. I cut the 20 minutes in the middle to spare you just a bunch of clicking sounds.)

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