Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #631

Chris Bachalo's part 2 of his "Shed" arch was released to my fiendish hands today. The Amazing Spider-Man #631 comes off of the scaly heals of Bachalo's beautiful The Amazing Spider-Man #630 which features the Lizard and everyone's favorite friendly community we call home, we'll say neighborhood, Spider-Man. Though the arch is written by a fine writer in Zeb Wells (who actually tells an entertaining story which gets into the head of the Lizard), for me, this arch is dominated by the pencil work of Chris Bachalo.

Though I loved this issue, there was one aspect of it I was not happy with. The first 9 pages were drawn by another artist! That artist did an admirable job, but I will not even mention her name. She already took 9 potential Bachalo pages from me. She has received enough attention as it is...Emma Rios. No more.

Once Bachalo's pages kick in...the magic happens. His first three pages build the reader up with slight panels of his work. Then when the forth, fifth and sixth page are hit, the intensity of a meeting between Spider and Lizard are pumped into our veins. Quick burst panels are punctuated by larger imagery capturing a vibrant moment in the combat that takes place.

One scene depicts a quick 2-step movement which ends with Spider-Man on the Lizard's head. The first part of the image is drawn gently and colored with dull tones so that it seems like the past, though it just happened a split second ago. This page really defines the amazing supporting team in colorist Antonio Fabela and inkers Townsend and Mendoza that Bachalo has during this project. The inking makes his characters pop right off the pages and an extra touch to Bachalo's art (some of which Bachalo inks himself).

A key thing to look at in The Amazing Spider-Man #631 is the design of the Lizard. Bachalo goes with a more iguana looking Lizard than other artists have used in the past. He has a think neck and is very inhuman like. It is this refreshing take on an old classic, which has been around since Amazing Spider-Man #6 (which I own), that gives his character design extra strength. His second comic of the day this month is filled with his wonderful Spidey imagery we (me) have all grown to love, but it also contains Bachalo's re-imagination and design skills.

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I like a cover, the drawing is pretty sick!