Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man #529

Scribe J. Michael Straczynski and artist Ron Garney gave Spider-Man and Marvel fans alike their first glance at what a Spidey-suit can look like with the expertise of the world's greatest engineer wielding a needle and thimble.

Spider-Man Sunday - The Amazing Spider-Man #529

Tony Stark gives his then assistant Peter Parker a new upgraded uniform to wear while catching thieves just like flys. The Amazing Spider-Man #529 only gives us sneak peaks at the suits potential, such as being able to stop point blank gun shots, see thermal signatures and gliding on wind currents, but the sleek design (and cover of the issue) tells us there has to be more to Peter's new duds.

I thought the outfit was pretty cool. Most experienced comic book readers new that the suit would be temporary, but I am unsure if many readers thought the suit would only last a handful of issues. The enhanced suit gave Spider-Man the opportunity to possibly tackle some other larger scale villains, yet Straczynski was never given the opportunity to pen those adventures. Civil War began and questions over Tony Starks true intentions of the suit were questioned: was it simply a high-tech way to keep track of Spidey or even control him?

I love Ron Garney's design, yet my favorite image of Peter in the Iron-Spider suit is on the cover of Civil War #5, penciled by Steve McNiven. Spider-Man is getting beaten by several villains out for radioactive spider blood and McNiven captures Spider-Man's attempted escape and anguish in his new tattered Iron-Spider suit beautifully. I'll get into that issue a bit more in tomorrow's post.

Today's comic of the day reminds me of how one can be excited for new beginnings but sometimes the old reliable was reliable for a reason. It worked. Comic characters often have to reinvent themselves to seem fresh to readers, but some of the characters, like many of us, go through changes just to return to who we really are. Sometimes people need to go through times of change to make sure the person they were is who they want to continue to be. Peter Parker is down to try anything if it involves being the best person he can possibly be. He's a freak like that. Just ask Mary Jane.

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