Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alias #6

Private Investigator Jessica Jones starts her second Alias arch with a little girl talk with Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel. Brian Michael Bendis does amazing things with Jones. He makes her very different (from other heroes, women and investigators) but also connects her to those very things. A simple scene, like a lunch date with a girl friend where they talk about their love-life, paints Jessica Jones as a woman at heart.

When Danvers and Jones chat, Danvers mentions how Luke Cage is a cape chaser, implying that he likes to sleep with superhero women. I always thought it was funny when Marvel characters use phrases like "cape chaser" because it focuses as identifying a hero as a caped character. In Marvel there are very few characters who actually sport capes. Thor, Magneto and Doctor Doom (but they are villains)...that's about all I can think of. Hmmm, does Moon Knight have a cape? I think so. The point is...DC is the company with the classic heroes with capes. Their big two both have capes: Superman and Mighty Mouse...I mean Batman. If DC characters do not exist in Marvel, then they would not have recollection of early caped heroes, thus, making the "cape" phrases not applicable. If there was a questionnaire that Marvel had to fill out and it read the question: "Do 'cape' phrases make sense in your universe?" the answer would be N/A.

Oh yeah, the comic of the day...Alias #6 is primarily a way to get a little deeper into understanding who Jessica Jones is and what her psyche is like. In the very end of the book (the beginning of the next arch's actual story) Jessica seems to learn something new about her family, or should I say...extended family. That last part would make more sense if you read the book. Anyway, between a meeting with a super-fan who thinks Thor is gay and an online chat that has Jones acting like a man picking up other men, there is a lot to like about this book.

Hmmm, I just mentioned those scenes dealing with gay men were enjoyable and I thought of the idea of making a gay vampire story today (which spoofs Leslie Nielsen's movie Dracula: Dead and Loving It) titled Dracula: Dead and Loooovvvinggg It! (or Dracula: Gay and Loooovvving It! - which ever is funnier). You learn something new about yourself every gay...I meant day! Damn! I got me!

(Note: Mom, in case you read this, I'm not gay...dad is.)

(Note 2: Is a straight guy writing a spoof movie with a lot of gay jokes like a non-Jewish person telling Jewish jokes? Seinfeld joked about a dentist converting to Judaism just for the jokes, has anyone converted to Gaydudeism just for the jokes?)

(Note 3: Note 2 was dumb.)

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