Thursday, May 20, 2010

Age of Heroes #1 (of 4)

Even superheroes like to kick it on Sixth Avenue.

The Age of Heroes #1 is not a great comic. Let's just get that out of the way. It is an issue filled with 4 mini stories about what days in the Marvel Universe are like now post "Dark Reign." For the most part it is a random book which I would normally avoid because I understand it was thrown together to capitalize off of the "Heroic Age" shiny new event title. The comic book did make my stack of stapled papers, and become the comic of the day, because of it's lovely cover.

Artist Greg Tocchini draws and designs a multi-character cover that has trying to decide which character pose I like the most. Spider-Man is penciled with his head focused off to the side prepared for whatever is coming his way. His suit is drawn with a killer large front spider and colored with dark tones. You won't find any blue in this bad-ass Spidey image.

Two other characters that really jump off the page for me are Captain America and the Black Knight. They are gazing off into opposite directions yet both propping themselves up high in the air on the Sixth Avenue street post. They may not be flyers but they can still reach great heights when it comes to ready positioning.

Tocchini's cover is captured on the page and on a person in the foreground's phone. His work comes off as very fun and lively with lots of bright reds and also bold dark tones.

Great cover...ehhh, on the actual content of Age of Heroes #1.

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