Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weapon X #12

On this addition of Wolverine Wednesday we claw our way into the second issue in the "Tomorrow Dies Today" arch by Weapon X #12 writer Jason Aaron.

Weapon X #12 gives the reader a little more information about where the Deathlok machines are coming from. Aaron reveals scenes 25 years in the future where we find a group of unknown special forces members gathered to end the threat presented by Deathlok machines. Why the Deathlok machines are going back in time to kill super powered individuals isn't quite known yet, but with these flash forward scenes we begin to understand that the Deathloks have been killing for quite a while.

The future scenes surprise readers with an appearance by Wolverine in the future. He seems just as gritty but he is missing two key things: his hands. Wolverine has a nub on one wrist and a hook on the other. This is yet another time (Age of Apocalypse) where Wolverine is missing a hand. His claws are so iconic that if you are trying to shock a reader or make them understand that this guy has been through some serious situations, he has to appear broken in some way. Remove what makes him unique...visually at least.

In the present day scenes of Weapon X #12 we find the Deathloks attacking the new Captain America. Wolverine (in the present) is now on the hunt for the Deathlok units and of course is able to find them. If he couldn't find them how boring would this issue be? He does some slicing and the Deathloks do some laser gun firing. Sure Wolvering gets shot to hell but he takes it like a champ.

The issue ends a bit abruptly with a panel of a Deathlok unit on the ground. I think the last panel is supposed to make us question if the Deathlok unit is really dead. To be honest, I'm not sure. The first part to "Tomorrow Dies Today" was far more intriguing, and this issue leaves the reader thinking, "What the hell did I just read?" Either way, this comic of the day pulled off the same reaction. I am going to buy the next one.

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