Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stumptown #3

(Note: This post may be a little scattered due to the condition known as drunk. Also...who puts a note in the beginning of a post?)

The industry and Amazing Spider-Man made me impatient.

Ongoing comic titles come out once a month. That is the industry standard. In some cases you get your comics a little more often. A perfect example of this is Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man. The web-slinger has a group of writer's and artist combining efforts to bring readers a new issue thrice a week. I, being a huge Spidey fan, get used to getting something new to mentally chew on pretty often. So when I got involved with the independent title Stumptown, by Greg Rucka, you can imagine my mind set and comics addiction took quite a hit.

Many a night I spent sweaty in the corner of my apartment trying to handle withdraws from weeks without my new 30 plus page stimulant. Stumptown #2 came out in early January. Today's release, over 3 months later, was like that day when you finally get to see an anticipated movie which you've seen the trailer to way before it came out. I was excited. Unlike so many movies that fail to live up to their trailers, Stumptown lived up to my anticipation and constant brain recaps.

Rucka's character, Dex, is making her way through my ranks of comic creations due to her strong nature and realistic take on an intelligent resourceful woman. Women characters can be hard to write entertaining for male readers because of the way women have been portrayed over the many years in comics. Rucka's Dex and Brian M. Bendis's Jessica Jones (Alias) are cut from the same tough comic clippings. Both characters can hold an issue from folding under the pressure of female heroine stereotypes and both are private investigators which means mysteries and thrillers. I love a good thriller.

Stumptown #3 was admittedly way overdue and late (by the creation team in the back of the issue via a rant about putting out quality work - blah, blah, blah), but with a compelling character in the mist of a great mystery I don't mind waiting for follow-ups once every season.

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