Thursday, April 29, 2010

Secret Warriors #15

Jonathan Hickman's Secret Warriors is a title I regularly enjoy because I can never quite guess where the book is going. The sense of wonder is strong in this Nick Fury and Hydra driven adventure capturing comic...usually. This week, while I felt fulfilled and thankful for Hickman's birth, I didn't receive the same sense of awe from Secret Warriors #15.

Spoilers Ahead! Read on...ya' lil Nancy.

A funny moment that sort of captures my point in the comic of the day, Secret Warriors #15, is when the brief early years of Viper (a Hydra leader) are being displayed. Hickman presents readers with a history that involves her being the stand-out girl in a group of many female youths being trained in combat and the standard evils of Hydra such as sticking gum under desks and parking in 2 spots. During the training we see a panel by artist Stefano Caselli and colorist Sunny Gho reveling one green haired girl amongst many other standard dark and blond haired girls. Hmmm, I wonder which girl is going to stand out? In a world of bland, the vibrant off color may shine through. The visual symbolization of Viper leaves no surprise to the class stand-out. I actually feel bad for the other kids in that class. There could have been another Lucy Liu or Uma Thurman in there and Hydra would have never known.

Another lack-luster surprise comes during a dinner scene with Nick Fury where his date attempts to capture him with her hidden cohorts amongst the restaurant's guests. In a predictable twist, Fury happens to have a group of his own men waiting as hidden attendees, as well. Seriously, what horrible secret agents. Did none of them look around the fancy restaurant and not notice the huge sausage fest? There are practically no women there. Classic Fury. Always bringing his crew along on a date.

The last bit of "no duh" in Secret Warriors #15 comes when Fury's young super-powered team asks him to reconsider a decision Fury had made in the last issue of Secret Warriors. Anyone who has every read Fury knows he will shoot down any attempt to change his mind. When Fury makes a decision, it is final. You don't get to be a bad-ass by being indecisive. You have to be stubborn and hold your hands to your ears and sing a gibberish song of "I can't hear you" until the dissenter just walks away.

(Note: I was going to make a George Bush joke at the end, but it is always awkward when anyone besides a late show host makes a political joke. I going to have a note in every post now? You would think a decent writer could fit all of their thoughts into their post without side notes, or in this case bottom notes. I am like that person that always throws a "P.S." or a "P.S.S." at the end of an email or letter. Um...that is all.)

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