Monday, April 12, 2010

The Punisher #10

In 1988 Marvel had the fun idea of telling a story with 2 different point of views. In The Punisher #10, Frank Castle tries to figure out who is responsible for the murder of 5 people, all of which were killed by way of poisoned medicine. The story is a one-shot in the Punisher comic, but it is also a one-shot in a Daredevil issue.

Frank finds the creep poisoning medicine and is about to throw him off of a building when Daredevil steps in and beats up Frank. Daredevil of course believes in the justice system and let's Frank no it with his fists and feet. It may seem like Daredevil was just randomly thrown into the book so frank wouldn't kill a man, but Daredevil was also looking for the medicine killer in his own Dardevil ongoing title. Daredevil #257 tells the other side of the story: the side looking for justice instead of vengeance.

The cover for The Punisher #10 is a strange choice. It's as if Daredevil and the Punisher have never taken acting classes. Punisher's back is pretty much to the viewer and his arm is covering most of DD's face. They are draw super muscular and are in an intense embrace, but the lacks that extra intensity faces can add. The inside art, on the other hand, is quite amazing. I will say it is a particular style which feels very 80's, but it also ads a bit of gritty dark tone which a Punisher book should have. Artist Whilce Portacio pencils an excellent tale which lacks the eyes of a man possessed by guilt and revenge. Portacio brings you close to Frank, but he never let's the reader into his eyes. If the eyes are windows to the soul, Frank's are tinted so no one can see inside.

Today's comic of the day, The Punisher #10, will lead me to my local comic shop this week in hopes of finding Daredevil #257. Like the medicine killer, Daredevil #257 will be found. Hopefully I get there before another does with a different reason for buying the issue.

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