Sunday, April 11, 2010

Night Thrasher: Four Control #4 (of 4)

So it turns out the cripple has a name and a power. Her name is Silhouette and she is a mutant. She is able to travel in the "shadows" without being seen or captured. She goes into the Darkforce dimension and can reappear out of another shadow somewhere else. At one point during Marvel's Civil War, she helps Captain America escape a Yankee Stadium trap via the shadows.

The forth issue of Night Thrasher: Four Control ends with Night Thrasher putting his affairs in order and figuring out just who kidnapped his friend. The conclusion is a bit anti climatic, but what is expected from the mini series of a B level hero without any super powers. I like Night Thrasher, but he is what he is...not important.

Let me give you an idea of just how unimportant Night Thrasher is. Mark Bagley is a co-creator of Night Thrasher. Marvel had him assist with the covers of these Night Thrasher: Four Control comics to maybe add a bit of his expertise to drawing the character. Yet even Bagley, who may enjoy his own character, is so uninterested in Night Thrasher that the cover he helps create for Night Thrasher: Four Control #4 is flat out bland and boring. The comic cover is nothing but 2 faces staring forward! I call foul! It may be the most non-fulfilling cover to a final issue in a series ever. I love Bagley's work, but this is laughable. If he doesn't rate this as one of his worst covers of all time then I dare not see the cover he feels is his worst. That comic is probably equipped with a knife that just stabs you straight in the eyes when you look it's way. Though eye threatening...that cover actually sounds cool. That book would forever be the comic of the day.

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