Saturday, April 10, 2010

Night Thrasher: Four Control #1 (of 4)

When looking for a low level superhero with no powers who had his 15 minutes of fame in the early 90's go no further than Night Thrasher. Dwayne Taylor, the original Night Thrasher, is a street level hero who has excellent hand to hand skills and an advanced suite of armor equipped with smoke bombs, truncheons (short clubs), and a forearm blade. He was basically armed to fight.

I used the past tense when writing about Dwayne because he died in the Civil War Nitro explosion along with 3 other former New Warrior teammates. Dwayns half brother later carried on the role of Night Thrasher, but I will always remember the original Thrasher and his mini series, Night Thrasher: Four Control.

Night Thrasher #1, written in 1992, is filled with a ton of small panels. When a book has so many panels it is really struggling to fit it's plot into a single issue. This was the first part of a 4 issue series, but maybe the story called for at least one more book to spread the story telling. Either way, the first issue gets us started with basic plot of a friend with vital information kidnapped. What that information is is unknown at this point, but Night Thrasher seems to think it's important.

Night Thrasher #1 features one of Night Thrasher's teammates who uses crutches. They are her weapons which have little sharp points on the end if force is needed. In one seen the crutched wonder trips a bad guy and pins him down. Watch your ankles around this one! I imagine fighting her is like fighting someone who knows drunken boxing. One finds that they are not sure what to hit. Should you kick out a crutch? Should you just shoot her in the face? Too late! She already tripped you.

At the end of this comic of the day, Marvel claims that this mini series is the "most-demanded series of the year." With sweet armor, crippled side-kicks, and a million panels Night Thrasher #1 is proving Marvel right.

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