Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nextwave #2

Why does everything big, strong, destructive and green wear purple pants?

The walking, talking, 35 stories tall Fin Fang Foom sports the purple pants made famous by the clothes tearing Hulk, in Nextwave #2. The agents of H.A.T.E. tackle the awakened menace of might in this action/comedy from the pen of Warren Ellis. As Fin Fang Foom terrorizes a city by feasting on bits of flesh he calls human, the team breaks his finger, shoots him in the eye balls, and allows their Machine Man to be swallowed by him all for the destruction of his Fin Fang insides. In the end, the purple pants come into play again as Machine Man crawls from within them after coming out of Triple F in a very awkward region.

The comic of the day is filled with whimsical art by Staurt Immonen, whom lends his talents perfectly for this title. I more detailed artist, or gritty sketching penciler such as Leinil Yu, would take away from the playful tone of the story and adventure. Nextwave #2, and the Nextwave series for that matter, is a mocking take on the elite code named organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. and the situations they get involved with. Nextwave even has a character modeled after Nick Fury who thinks he's amazing and even has an eye covered, not by a patch but a targeting eye gadget.

Nextwave #2 is the second part to the opening introduction story which many new comic books will do. For comics of darker subject matter there is usually a 5-part story to kick off the serious, but with a lighthearted romp there is often only a 2-part tale. It is a way for a fast paced book to let readers know the direction of the series and also a good writing technique to not lose readers who are not looking for year long stories. Some readers just want short stories, one-shoters or comics that pack punches in limited rounds. It's like a UFC watcher as apposed to a boxing watcher. Sure boxing has a lot of skill since the body is limited in how it can fight, but their matches often go 12 rounds. UFC watchers enjoy the 3 to 5 round matches which often don't even go beyond the first round.

Nextwave was Marvel's UFC contender. Ironically, it was stopped after 12 rounds.

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