Friday, April 9, 2010

New Mutants #87

Having both a reprint and the original of New Mutants #87, I should have read this first appearance of Cable before, but I have not until just moments ago.

I picked up the reprint (the comic book image displayed to the right - the original does not have a gold background) to discover that the cover bares the names Liefeld (Rob) and McFarlane (Todd). I assumed that New Mutants #87 was penciled by Rob Lifeld, one of the most unique artist of his time which inspired a certain style of highly muscular characters, and inked by the even more iconic artist Todd Mcfarlane. But when I opened the book McFarlane was not credited with any work on the book so I assume he simply inked the cover only. The cover inks do make the art pop in a way that McFarlane perfected, and complete the look to a classic Marvel cover.

For the first appearance of a character who is supposed to be quite the bad-ass I wasn't too impressed. Cable gets the jump on some mutants up to no good, but is quickly dispatched by a group of three novices. In fact, Cable gets his metal hand melted in his first issue! He hadn't even made it through his whole first comic book and already he needs a new hand welded.

Based on Cable's and other character's uniforms in this book leads me to believe it is quite hot where the fights take place. Cable has a ton of utility belts and straps but no shirt. I guess when you are buff you show it off. Maybe it intimidates the enemy or maybe he was just out of quarters and didn't have clean laundry. Not having your own washer and dryer is really pain. The other day I walked to 4 different near by stores and eateries just to get some quarters for a dollar. Three places refused me! Granted I was dressed like Cable, yet lacked the tan, muscles, and cool eye scar...but come on!

A comic of the day like New Mutants #87 reminds us that there are reasons for not wearing a shirt; however, all of the reasons revolve around being a comic book character drawn by Rob Liefeld.

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