Friday, April 23, 2010

Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (Vol. 2)

Last month I created a post for the first Guardians of the Galaxy's issue #25. After reading the second volume's #25, I've discovered that not much has changed from volume one. Both contain three prominent similarities: the old Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians from the 90's, yet actually the Guardians of the future), help from a silver square, and a large purple villain to fight.

Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (vol. 1) pitted the Guardians against the massive purple planet eater himself, Galactus. The former Silver Surfer helped the guardians defeat Galactus. Thank Odin, too. The Silver Surfer is lacking personality so badly that if he wasn't good at taking out near immortals he would not have any friends. That guy is a silver square.

Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (vol. 2) opens with the future Guardians worried about something that has changed in the time stream from the year 2010. (What are the odds?) The volume 2 Guardians discover what has changed in the year 2010. Here's a hint. He is a big purple, almost unstoppable guy whom characters refer to as the mad titan...oh, and he is on the cover which you can clearly see. Yep, Thanos has been resurrected from death and is pissed off. He is rampaging through the Guardians and there is no silver square like the surfer around. What do you do? Clearly you use a silver cube to stop him. What's a cube but a 3D square? Starlord cosmic cubes Thanos's naked purple body and the Guardains drink a beer.

The stories are practically identical! Guardians of the Galaxy #25 is the Guardians of the Galaxy #25. When I put it like that, how can anyone disagree?

In reality, the volume 2 comic of the day has a great moment where from just a few words readers can tell there will be hell to pay once the knocked out Thanos comes back around. Thanos had always yearned for the love of Death. Death was the one mistress that no matter how much Thanos courted her and threw gifts (dead civilizations) at her, would never be with Thanos. A few years ago Thanos got what he truly dreamed of at the hands of the current Guardian Drax. Thanos was all Leslie Nielsen - Dead and Loving It (second refrence to Leslie Nielsen and Dead and Loving It in 2 days and I haven't even seen the movie recently). But his time with his desired Death did not last. Thanos is alive and not happy. His few words were:

"You forced me to live again...for that...everything dies."

It's on!

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