Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fantastic Four #537

Doom, as I have written in previous posts, has always been an odd villain for me. I never quite understood what his actual powers were, and still are. Plus, enough with the Doom-bots. Everytime it seems like Doom has been destroyed it turns out it was only a Doom-bot (Siege: The Cabal features a bested Doom-bot that releases tiny robot bugs on Avenger tower). Regardless of what Doom's true powers are, Fantastic Four #537 helps shed some light onto what kind of a person and overall bad-ass Doom is.

Kicking off the Road to Civil War tie in, readers are treated to a brief glimpse into Doom's memory by writer J. Michael Straczynski. He quickly looks back on how he escaped from the depths of Hell...like most of us commonly do throughout the day. That part alone doesn't make him a bad-ass. What really reflects from his metal body is the confidence of a man about to face sure eternal pain. He shouts to the horde of demons about to tear into him, "...there is Doom enough for all!"

Doom then escapes with the help of a handy hammer of the enchanted variety and travels back to his home of Latveria where the first thing he does is snap his Prime Minister's neck. The second thing: takes a bath (seriously - Doom is the man, but even men like some bubbles once in awhile).

The comic concludes with Doom actually admitting he was wrong about being able to lift Mjollnir, Thor's fallen hammer. The Fantastic Four are pretty much side characters in this Doom centric issue. One fun moment involving the foursome involves Ben Grimm (the Thing) trying to lift Mjollnir himself, and pointing out that he might as well try to lift it while it just lies in front of him. The man of rock does not move the hammer of stone.

I grew a bit of a fondness for Doom after reading this comic of the day, Fantastic Four #537. "The Hammer Falls" part 2 may have just started me on a path towards Doom.

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