Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fantastic Four #325

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday's post (if you haven't read it, you may want to take a quick minute to do so), I have figured out who the spikey-stoned superhero is and why the Thing is wearing a shirt. Short answers: it's Grimm and hard nipples.

Let's focus on the hard nipples first. A line I've said many times. In the case of Fantastic Four #325, and other Fantastic Four comics of this era, the reason the Thing is wearing a shirt is because the Thing has boobies. Rock boobs. Hard honkers. A stone set. Granite goodies. Okay, that's about good. The Thing is actually Sharon Ventura, a superhuman woman who called herself Ms. Marvel (not Carol Danvers). She was originally just a strong, combat ready woman, but was transformed into She-Thing by cosmic rays. Eh, it happens.

It's pretty comical how she is drawn with a boulder-bosom and slight eye-lashes, too. Marvel has to make sure she is just different enough from the original Thing to pass as her own character. And to further make She-Thing different that the original gangsta they made him all crazy rock-thorn-like. His exterior changed big time, but his interior was still the same in this comic of the day. In Fantastic Four #325, the Thing says some nice things about the power of love (great song).

The Silver wave rider stops by in Fantastic Four #325, as well. He is involved in a great scene where his love, Mantra, says she will be leaving her inhabited body to chase down her evil plant husband (yeah, you read that right - by the way, her plant husband...dreamy). Mantra and the Surfer share a kiss just before she leaves her body reminding me of a scene in Futurama where Fry's Lucy Liu Bot, dieing in Fry's arms, says (in Lucy Liu's voice), "I will never forget you Fry. (In robot voice) Memory deleted!" Pretty much the same thing.

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