Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fantastic Four #315

Ever look at a cover and think...what the heck is going on? That could be said for this and so many other Fantastic Four covers.

First off, and this is purely because I was never a huge Fantastic Four fan or historian, who the heck is the other rocky looking fella on the cover of Fantastic Four #315? I have seen this rocky giant on several FF issues in this era. It looks like there isn't a Mr. Fantastic, so I'm thinking maybe Stretch accidentally turned himself into the rougher looking version of the Thing while trying to figure out away to turn Ben Grimm normal again. Either way, his look kills me. Compared to the smooth skippable Thing, this new jagged strong man looks deformed and sinks in the pond of my mind.

My buddy Kyle Jennings Ashby (Yes, he uses his middle name all of the time. How annoying is that? Nobody does that! Some times you meet a pretentious type who uses an initial for their first or last name, but using the whole name? "Oh, Jennings Ashby...I was confusing you with my other friend Kyle Sherman Ashby. You're the one I hate.") picked me up this comic of the day, Fantastic Four #315, and one other Fantastic Four book at a garage sale or flee market. He's a nice guy.

Years ago, some would scourer garage sales and estate sales to see if any old fool...I mean old person...was selling some old comics they found in their attic, basement or corner of their house. Maybe they once had children who moved out and left their old books there years ago. Right next to some old mugs for $.50 you could pick up the first appearance of Spider-Man for maybe $.25. This idea of finding a diamond in the rough is much like finding something valuable at the beach with a metal detector. One guy found an expensive piece of jewelry and then every other dreamer began to comb the beaches for treasure. Just ask those who have been combing the sand if they've found anything yet and they'll tell you, "We aint found shit!"

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Don't be jealous of my regal name. And stop telling people we're friends...