Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eclipso #2

What the heck did I just read?

From what I can understand from a quick read through, Eclipso #2 is about an organism, which is bound in thought, though it is bonded with several different hosts. It seems that when a specific black diamond touches another living animal or person, an organism named Eclipso takes over it's host's mind and body. The host's appearance is altered to look like half their original self and half the Eclipso organism. It is a virus of a creature which is trying to take over the world by way of absorbing powerful leaders ( a country's president) and animals (a lion) into it's entity.

Eclipso is sort of like Agent Smith in the last two Matrix films. Like Smith, there is One who Eclipso supposedly can not take over. The blandly named Bruce Gordon finds out that this Smith" creature is spreading, and thus, Gordon gets all Neo-like declaring that he will stop Eclipso.

Eclipso, like many viruses, is not a friendly creature. It only wants to spread itself and its own brand of violent hatred across the globe. Eclipso brutally bashes in the brains of one scientist he commands to make him a deadly poison to spread in know, standard villain stuff. The Scientist isn't able to make the poison completely undetectable so he pops the white-coat's head on the floor. Oh, and then to scare the other scientists, Eclipso rubs the new head scientist's face in the dead guy's brains on the floor. Yeah, this comic of the day is brain to face vulgar. Kind of cool.

Eclipso doesn't mess around. He says he wants violence and death, but I think we all know what he really needs...

...a hug.


Timbotron said...

This was a weak follow up to a fantastic DC event in their annuals. There were two strong bookends and some really nice chapters of big heroes getting "Eclipsed." Dig them out of some dollar bins and you won't be disappointed.

Dom said...

As you can tell by the time of the post I really jammed this one in last night. I feel like I should, as you recommended, look up some other issues involving Eclipse to understand the threat level Eclipse presents.

Anonymous said...

Well his character seems kind weird to's with the lion creature on the front?

I wanna see more violence,and less purple. And maybe less random angry lion-aliens on the front.