Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Darkhawk #26

I always knew my 100th post would be a Darkhawk issue.

Darkhawk #26 is the beginning to an arch which gives Darkhawk some age relevant company in the New Warriors as he goes through some age relevant issues. He is having problems in his normal life which consist of not attending school everyday and spending quality time with his family (which is staying in a motel since his home was burned down by a villain of his). The school issues are the standard young superhero school issues. When one is young and possess large amounts of power, that person doesn't want to learn about math or history. That newly powered youth is the future...in their mind at least. School is just a place they have to be at during the day. At night is when the young hero can really enjoy their time.

At home, Darkhawk is the eldest of two boys raised by a single mom. His mom is having a hard time supporting her children and his little brother is become shut off to both his mom and older brother. When the mother tries to talk to her son (the Darkhawk one) he just storms off like an angry teenager insisting that she doesn't respect or understand him.

Story aside, there are some funny things in this comic of the day. Darkhawk, when in basic teenage form looks like he is in his 20's, yet he is in high school. It's like something out of "90210." I wonder if he hangs out at the Peach Pit after class. The other current event humorous scene involves his brother playing with a hand-held video game in 1993 that looks like an iPad. Did Apple know for all of these years that the iPad would look a certain way due to the look created in the incredibly popular Darkhawk comic books? I think that answer is obvious.

(Note: This issue is yet another early 90's book with the little rips in the bottom of the pages from when they were fused together during the production process.)

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