Friday, April 30, 2010

Daredevil #257

Earlier this month I wrote about one part of a Daredevil/Punisher crossover in The Punisher #10. That issue was ok and included some nice art, but Daredevil #257, the other part to the crossover, is a far superior comic book.

Writer Ann Nocenti and artist John Romita Jr. craft a Daredevil story which not only serves Marvel's bidding by acting as a crossover comic book (using specific scenes designed for the crossover plot), but the comic of the day also continues Daredevil's current story arch which includes the evil manipulating Typhoid Mary.

As I mentioned in my Daredevil #255 post, Typhoid Mary is a psychotic woman (who has a split persona) which has been hired by the Kingpin to make Matt Murdock (Daredevil) fall in love with her. Once they are in love Typhoid Mary plans on crushing Daredevil emotionally with the truth about her evil killing side. This period in Matt's life is quite confusing for him. He begins cheating on a woman he truly loves, yet feels so strongly for Mary he cannot control himself. The reader is left a bit confused. Do we feel for the man be deceived or do we hate the man deceiving?

I blame the women for putting Matt in this situation. Just be down with the Devil when he chooses you. Also, see no one else on the side. Double standards are okay if you are the man in the relationship.

Going back to the crossover, besides the issue being about much more than the basic finding of a killer before a vigilante does, the comic has better action scenes and heart. The fight sequences are narrated by the murderer and contain a one on one battle that seems pretty evenly matched. In The Punisher #10 I felt like the Punisher got owned. Daredevil #257 gives the Punisher more credit than his own title does by making the fight seem quite even.

As far as heart goes, Daredevil #257 presents us with the truth seeking side of Daredevil as apposed to the shoot first ask questions later attitude of the Punisher. Daredevil learns about who the killer is and what brought him to the point of murder. The reader begins to understand why the killer went down his path. Though we still scream for justice, we are pleased to see lawyer Murdock help the society pushed killer. Murdock of all people understands that killing is wrong, but even a blind man can see that every murder case isn't black and white. The understanding of the grey area is what makes people compassionate and respected.

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