Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Books of Doom #6 (of 6)

By the end of Books of Doom, and particularly Books of Doom #6, I hate Victor Von Doom. His cockiness and sense of entitlement are very annoying. Doom is constantly demanding things from people. "Do this, do that." At one point, a man stands up to Doom and calls him it out by addressing Doom's true intentions to be King of Latveria. The man is then quickly killed by magic from Doom's hand without a rebuttal.

The magic also bugs me. Really? You couldn't smack down an old guy with your bare hands Doom? Using magic is like using a gun, but instead of shooting the gun with hands one uses their mind. Thus, just because magic takes intellect to master does not mean it is any better than a gun. Magic, in the way Doom uses it seems to be yet another source of Doom's cowardliness.

In the comic of the day, Books of Doom #6, Doom proves to be a coward by attacking the king of Latveria in an armored suite and killing him. Doom kills him because he is the current man in the way of his ruling the country, but also because he killed Doom's father by forcing his father to hide away in the cold forest of Latveria, where Doom's father eventually died. Killing the king was cowardly because Doom proved himself no better than the king in his actions. A better man would simply take over and make him look on while a peasant ruled the country.

Doom's killing of the king was also symbolic in that Doom's first and last killing of the Latverian oppressors was by strangling them with his own hands. By committing the acts with his own hands it shows that what Doom has accomplished he has done so via his own means.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that Doom loves robots. He constantly is building robots to do his bidding. Throughout Doctor Doom stories there are constant robots, whether they be mindless or Doombots which possess Doom's thoughts and intentions. So many Fantastic Four and Doom stories end with a Doombot being captured or destroyed or being revealed to be the Doom you thought was real (yeah, confusing). The heroes are left frustrated at being fooled by a robot once again.

"Are you the real Doom?!"

"10011010110....I mean...Yes?"

"Detobor again!"

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