Monday, April 26, 2010

Books of Doom #2 (of 6)

I have been on a Doom kick for a little while now. The recent Fantastic Four books sucked me back into his world, so I picked up the Books of Doom set to learn once and for all: who is Doom? Written by Ed Brubaker, Books of Doom is a six issue mini series which tells the history of Victor Von Doom through the memory of Doom himself.

The origin story told by Doom seems to be accurate and not very scewed towards his own opinion. Doom actually seems quite genuine about his tale. Brubaker actually throws in brief moments of witness commentary, which gives the reader a bit more information regarding Doom's story. I am only 3 issues in, but from what I can tell, Doom is giving an interview to someone. That interviewer is also getting information about Doom from his sources. I am actually very curious to see who is interviewing Doom and why Victor Von Doom is so open to them. It seems a bit unlike him.

In Books of Doom #2, Doom openly admits he is a momma's boy. He is recruited by the U.S. government to build them various tech. While building many different mechanisms, including early robots which will no doubt lead to Doom-bots, Victor builds a machine which will take him to hell to recover his damned mother. Your mother was possessed by a demon then killed. Yours and every other mother. Get over it nerd!

Speaking of nerds, Doom tells of when he first meets Reed Richards in Books of Doom #2. Doom, always brushing interest of Richards to the side, tells the interviewer that Richards made no impression him initially. Richards is really painted as a nerdy dreamer by Doom in this comic of the day. I understand where Doom is coming from here. Like Doom I be crazy smarted and yet feel like other people who are smart are just straight-up nerds. There is a fine line between being super-smart, handsome, funny, buff and modest and just being a "L-7" loser. I ride that line everyday of my life, and clearly through this blog about comics, which I write in the dark by myself everyday as I cry, I am the Doom of the genius race.

(Note: Is it a coincidence that my name is Doom when just one "O" is added?...Well, that or Odom or Domo...forget those last 2 names.)

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