Wednesday, March 10, 2010

X-Men Second Coming Prepare #1

Every once in a while, when Marvel is coming out with an event that will shape several of their titles, they release a free "catch you up" comic book that helps explain the events leading up to the big event. I believe there was: an Inhumans "catch you up" comic book before the War of Kings mini series, a Daredevil Saga "catch you up" Ed Brubaker issue, a Moon Knight Saga "catch you up" comic and a Marvel: Your Universe Saga issue released in 2008 designed to...catch you up with (then) current events.

I think these free comic releases are a great idea. These issues take away that excuse from consumers that we all use of not knowing what is going on in the storyline, thus, they will pass because they do not want to have to pick up all the past trade paper backs. The "catch you up"s explain the origins of the issues that will be at the forefront of the upcoming event. Rather than having to spend a bunch of money on old books (or taking the time to read the most recent Wikipedia updates), Marvel will give you the back issues in a nutshell for free. You can't beat that! It's laid right up front on the counter at the comic shop. As you pay for your established pull-list titles you glance down and notice a free give-away. "What the heck."

All caught up, and now a bit intrigued (because all they show you in the "catch you up" issues are the main points, not the slow moments in the story...naturally), you go out and buy the upcoming event issues. Who knows, you may end up buying some of the "suggested readings" titles recommended in the free "catch you up", as well. Marvel marketing rolls right along...

X-Men Second Coming Prepare is no different from the other event preparation books. It starts out with a bit of new content written just for the prep book to act as a sneak peak. Next we are treated to some sneak peek art work, a chronologically ordered new reader's guide, and then a section to catch you up on the Phoenix and Jean Grey situation. By adding the Phoenix and Jean Grey section this free give-away hints at what the story is likely about. X-Men Second Coming Prepare is the comic of the day because it is an effective marketing tool and probably got me to want to at least pick up the first issue.

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