Tuesday, March 30, 2010

World War Hulk #5 (of 5)

Recently I asked on the Marvel forums, "Who can stop the Sentry?" Currently, in Marvel's Siege event, the Sentry has become an uncontrollable evil force. He is tearing through gods and even destroying the gods sacred city Asgard, as if it was a Lego town. A battered Thor has attempted to take down the man with the power of apparently a lot of suns, but even Thor could not drop the Sentry. So to answer my post, which has almost 10,000 views and about 150 comments, I went to a Marvel event of only 3 years ago: World War Hulk.

As the title suggest, Hulk was the one character who could stand up to the power of the Sentry. In a town shattering battle the Hulk takes everything the Sentry can put out and manages to throw a final punch to the Sentry's dome to ground the golden child (sweet Eddie Murphy movie). World War Hulk #5 gives readers a battle which lets the old timers say, "That's more like it."

In Baseball, there are many impressive players these days whom are breaking the old time ball players' records left and right. Players like Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds and A-Rod have been putting up statistics which rival the old players'. The older generation has to step in and recognize the high numbers, but remind us that players from the late 1800's to the 1970's faced different odds and obsticles than today's players. They will contest that Babe Ruth, Pete Rose and Micky Mantle were the greatest of all time. There is a constant battle between eras that can never be proven, yet only argued.

World War Hulk #5 brings those eras of comic enthusiasts together. Purest and the elder comic book readers may have followed Hulk for many years and accepted that he is the strongest/most powerful, has always been the strongest, and will always be the strongest character. The Sentry character is just a fad. World War Hulk #5 is the old timer's Babe Ruth hitting 85 home runs in 2010 while eating a hot dog and beer before every ball game.

The comic of the day, World War Hulk #5, can give readers comfort that there are some truths still left in this world and one of them is that "Hulk Smash"...everyone.

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