Tuesday, March 23, 2010

World of Warcraft #1

Before there was the World of Warcraft, an online video game where users from all over can unite to battle each other or programed bad guys, there were just the basic Warcraft games. In the original Warcraft games users could choose between different races of characters from human to orc or even the undead. Spooky, I know. After Warcraft 3 came out there were modification games created based on the same basic map structure. The difference in game play was that you controlled one "hero" (a specific character with unique fighting and passive skills against other users online who also controlled a hero. The goal was to not just kill the other user's hero, but also their base inwhich they originated. This modification, or "mod", game came to be known as DOTA, Defense of the Ancients.

I played DOTA a lot. I mean like at least once a day for about 2 years. A lot. You can imagine how stoked I was to pick up World of Warcraft #1 from the comic shop when the book based on the DOTA and Warcraft characters was being released. I bought the comic book, took it home and braced for impact.

Eh. It was alright. Going with the positive first, I will say that I enjoyed to see the different versions of characters and what class levels they maintained in the comic. The book takes place in Orc territory and follows a gladiator trainer named Rehgar, an Orc witch-doctor who resembles Strygwyr from DOTA. Rehgar comes across a human who has some fighting skill and amnesia whom Rehgar decides to take on as a gladiator. Through the gladiator story line you get to see some characters in fighting action right away. That aspect of the book was fun.

The problem with the book, for me, is that the story seems a little weak. Not horrible, but played out. I've seen the gladiator storyline several times, most recently in Planet Hulk. Also, while the art was not bad, it just wasn't the style I thought would best fit the world of Warcraft. The colors were vibrant and the characters were very anime-esk. I was looking for darker tones with more of an acrylic feel, not highly digitalized panels.

This comic of the day takes me back to a time of obsession and simpler times. World of Warcraft #1 takes me back to a time when I played..."for the trees!"

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Anonymous said...

...because playing a game multiple times a day for years doesn't make it played out?