Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wolverine: Weapon X #11

Jason Aaron wrote Wolverine: Weapon X #11, and the "Tomorrow Dies Today" story arch, for me. Aaron crept into my room, went through my books, my journal, and underwear draw to come up with this arch.

Okay, to be fair, Wolverine: Weapon X #11 and this arch have a lot for comic book fans to enjoy. Let's go through them quickly...I have a "Dexter" episode to get to.

First off, as you can tell by the cover (which happens to be the main reason I picked up this comic book), Deathlok makes an appearance in the issue. For some reason I have always enjoyed the Deathlok character. What's not to like? Visually he has a unique half grotesque/half sleek design, and he is literally a killing machine. Partially human and mostly machine, Deathlok has been around since the 70's. In fact, I have his first appearance in Astonishing Tales #25 where he is constructed from a dieing Colonel Luther Manning in a distant future. He is built to demolish whomever he is programed to terminate. In later appearances Deathlok is created from other people for military means, as well. Aaron uses Deathlok in multiple ways (hint), yet all geared towards killing.

The other characters in this book are the obvious Wolverine and the everywhere man of the moment (just behind Deadpool), Captain America. The two long time friends, and at time partners, get together for a night out on the world (thanks to the Quin Jet chauffeuring Night Crawler) hitting up pubs and bars till their healing factors and super-serums can't function properly anymore. What's more fun than that? A couple of the oldest humanoid Marvel characters, fan favorites no less, just going out to get shitty... all kinds of awesome. Their night ends with a brawl at a bar (standard Logan), but the story concludes when Logan bumps into a woman ranting about killing machines from the future. The machines are killing specific people on a list, and who is next on that list leaves readers wanting the next book right away.

Besides the enjoyable read, the art was spot on, too. Ron Garney handles Deathlok with brilliance finding the balance between the mechanical design and human feel. Plus, he doesn't go over the top with the ugly when it comes to part of Deathlok's face. Some artists make that mistake. Not Garney. I also appreciated Jason Keith's coloring, which fits Garney's style with relative ease. His red tones in Deathlok's armor plate are handled beautifully in the various lighting situations Deathlok is exposed to.

Overall the comic of the day has to be Wolverine: Weapon X #11 because as soon as I finished it I had to write about it (that and it is Wolverine'll catch on!. It's like when you are watching a sporting event at home and something awesome happens in the game. You have to tell someone even if they have no clue what you are talking about. When that glee is trapped inside it can turn to sadness quite quickly. Deep. Deep. (Other poets begin to snap their fingers in acceptance around me.)

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