Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wolverine '99 Annual

For the most part, I enjoy comic books with ongoing stories. Ongoing books like Captain America by Ed Brubaker have story lines that don't stop, rather they bleed into the next arch creating something more than a 5 issue adventure. Great ongoings create what the Germans call die unendliche geschichte, the never ending story. Yet, as much as I love those wacky German stories, I can also appreciate a good ol' fashion fun one-shot.

Wolverine '99 Annual is a very entertaining one-shot. The main adventure follows Wolverine and Deadpool as they battle with a werewolf. It isn't a famous Marvel werewolf or even a Wendigo, but a furry wolf of the were variety none the less. Deadpool is trying to kill the same person the werewolf is trying to kill, and Wolverine is trying to protect the person Deadpool and the werewolf are attacking. Eventually Deadpool resists killing the man because he finds there is no money in it. In the end: the man lives, Wolverine punches Deadpool straight in the mouth, and then Wolvie and Pools walk off with arms over eachother's shoulders declaring to go get a beer together. Harmless action always leads to a beer. Which leads us to the second adventure in Wolverine '99 Annual.

The second Wolverine story is written by Mark Andreyko with art by Massimiliano Frezzato and is titled "Beer Run." It takes place late at night when Captain America, Nick Fury, She Hulk, The Thing and Wolverine are playing cards. When Wolvie discovers Nick Fury drank the last beer (Cap only drinks ginger ale...classic Cap), Fury gives Wolverine his keys to go get some more. The keys, of course, are to a S.H.I.E.L.D. hoover car which Wolverine has a hard time flying/driving. When Logan gets the beer a kid runs by and snags it. Logan chases the kid but runs into a group of Hand ninjas and a Dragon they are worshiping. After an intense battle he finds the kid, grabs his beer, and heads home. Whe he get's back it's 3 a.m. and everyone is passed out tired and drunk. Wolverine then sits down and cracks a beer open by himself.

Not only is this comic of the day very playful, but Frezzato's art is uncolored in black and white giving the story a very outlandish feel. The adventure is a bit cartoony yet captures the essence of the bad luck guy just trying to keep to himself and get a beer character which Wolverine is. Wolverine '99 Annual is light-hearted and entertaining.

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