Monday, March 8, 2010

What If... #54 (Death's Head I Had Lived)

Alright, enough of last weeks love fest. As Cosmo Kramer would say, "Who wants to have some fun?!" Ever since I reviewed Death's Head II #4 I have been all about Marvel's metal bounty-hunter. I read his Wikipedia entries and everything! I purchased the complete mini series (issues #1 through #4) and while searching through my What If... comics a couple of days ago I discovered I purchased What If... #54, What If Death's Head I Had Lived?

What If... #54 shows an alternate tale of which splits off from normal continuity just before Minion (Death's Head II) cuts off the original Death Head's head. In What If... #54, Death's Head teleports away just before the finishing blow is struck. After that Death's Head II goes on to kill Reed Richards unlike in the real story where Reed Richards' life is spared for helping the assimilated original Death's Head's consciousness to break through and become Minion (that part is a bit, the old guy takes over the new guy's body.) After Death's Head II kills Richards, Baron Strucker V get's the jump on him and magical mergers with him.

Minion's (Death's Head II) creator recruits the upgraded survived original Death's Head to stop the powered up Minion. Death's Head recruits the rest of the Fantastic Four, Namor, Luke Cage, War Machine and Captain America to take down the evil Minion. Minion proceeds to slaughter the heroes. He tosses Cap's shield to decapitate Namor, stabs through War Machine's eye holes, incinerates the Human Torch, uses the Invisible Woman's expanding shield to implode Luke Cage and the Thing and just basically over powers Cap. The panels become a fast pace bloody mess of a cool way.

Finally, when the original suped-up Death's Head steps in he goes toe to toe with Minion just before Reed Richards consciousness steps in for a moment to give Death's Head an instant to cut Minions head off. Death's Head lives in this What If... comic of the day, and many superheroes still die. This comic book is action packed once the premise of What If... is laid out. In reality, I wish the original would have won in the end. I really liked that guy. He looked cool, talked slick, always picked me first on his kick-ball team...just a cool guy. At least in this one adventure, Death's Head I got to cut the head off of Death's Head II. It's all about the original recipe.

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